Porsche Lease FAQs

Porsche Lease FAQs

New Porsche Lease Offers

Porsche of Farmington Hills is pleased to help you lease your next Porsche. Now is the ideal time to view our current inventory and to stop by for a test drive.

What Is Vehicle Leasing? How Does It Work?

Auto leasing is an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a new Porsche. Compared to financing a car purchase, leasing may deliver more competitive monthly payments, a simplified way to move up to a new Porsche in a couple of years and greater convenience associated with auto maintenance and repairs. You set up the lease through our dealership today, and you can return the Porsche to us without hassle on the lease’s termination date.

FAQs About Leasing

Is It a Good Idea to Lease a Car?

You can see that leasing offers exceptional benefits, but there are a few restrictions to pay attention to. For example, you may not be able to customize your Porsche, and your mileage may be limited. Specific details vary by lease program, and we can tell you about the options when you connect with our financing team.

Am I Better Off Buying or Leasing a Car?

When deciding between a car lease or loan, pay attention to how long you intend to drive the vehicle, how many miles you plan to travel per year, and other factors. Understanding lease terms will help you to make a smart decision based on your goals and plans.

Can I Lease a Used Car?

At Porsche of Farmington Hills, some of our certified pre-owned vehicles could qualify for leasing. These vehicles must meet our age and mileage requirements.

How Much Does Leasing a Porsche Car Cost?

The Porsche that you decide to lease and the lease program that you select affect the overall cost. Keep in mind that your financial factors, such as credit rating and income, will affect the lease terms available to you. These terms include the monthly payment and down payment requirement.

Can I Buy the Car I’m Leasing?

Your Porsche lease may include a particular buyout clause. Reviewing your lease carefully will help you to determine if exercising this clause is right for you.

Will I Get My Car Lease Deposit Back?

Many of our customers make a down payment at the beginning of the lease, and this is non-refundable. If your lease also required a security deposit upfront, a portion or all of this deposit could be refunded depending on lease terms.

Is It Possible to Lease a Car with Bad Credit & $0 Down?

The down payment requirement for leasing depends on credit scores and other applicant qualifications. Programs with lower down payments or no down payments may be available for well-qualified drivers, and we are happy to help you explore competitive options available to you when you stop by for a test drive.

Does Leasing a Porsche Car Require a Good Credit Score?

Auto lease programs have varied qualification requirements. We are eager to help you explore the lease terms that you may qualify for, and we encourage you to connect with our Porsche financing professionals soon.

Can I Turn in My Leased Porsche Vehicle to a Different Dealer?

Your lease return can be processed at any authorized Porsche dealership once all obligations of your lease have been fulfilled.

Does a Porsche Car Lease Include Maintenance?

A Porsche lease may include complimentary maintenance services. We can tell you about the specific services available through our service center when you contact us soon.

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