How to Return Your Porsche Lease in Farmington Hills, MI

How to Return Your Porsche Lease in Farmington Hills, MI

Prepare for Your Porsche Lease Return Inspection

Now that your Porsche lease is coming to an end, you may be eager to trade up to one of our new models. Before returning your current car or SUV to Porsche of Farmington Hills, take a moment to review its present condition. While some wear and tear are to be expected, excessive wear and identified damages should be addressed before you return your vehicle to us. Approximately 15 to 30 days before your lease end date, you should bring your Porsche to us for inspection. As a part of this inspection, you will sign an Odometer Disclosure Statement that indicates the vehicle’s mileage at the time.

Our lease return team at Porsche of Farmington Hills is ready to assist you, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment for your end-of-lease inspection today. If you have already completed repairs to your Porsche based on a previous investigation, book a follow-up inspection with our team.

When you are ready to surrender your leased Porsche to us, remove all of your items from the vehicle. Ensure that all original equipment is in the car, such as all key fobs and floor mats. The owner’s manual, spare tire, toolkit, and other items also should be returned. At Porsche of Farmington Hills, we are focused on making your lease return experience as streamlined as possible.

Find Your Next Porsche Vehicle at Porsche of Farmington Hills

The end of your lease marks the beginning of your experience with a new Porsche, and the Porsche of Farmington Hills team is ready to assist with your vehicle selection. When you visit our sales associates to admire our current models, you can learn about today’s lease offers. Our team places customer satisfaction in the front seat, and we are looking forward to helping you take home a new Porsche today.